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Betting on the kickoff in soccer, also known as the kickoff bet, has been around for a long time, yet it often goes unnoticed by many. Perhaps this is because you may not consider yourself a professional gambler. In reality, these bets are simple and offer an opportunity to increase your winnings from bookmakers, which should not be overlooked.

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What is the Kickoff Bet?
The kickoff bet, or kickoff market, is a form of betting where players predict and place bets on which team will start with the ball as soon as a match is about to begin. The result of this type of bet is determined immediately after the opening whistle, without the need for a prolonged wait.
The team that gets the kickoff is not influenced by factors such as home or away status, league standings, or the team's form. The decision is made purely by chance, as the referee flips a coin to decide.
Given the somewhat arbitrary nature of this decision, it can be considered a type of "luck-based" bet for some punters before diving into more formal match bets. However, it's not entirely devoid of logic, and there are ways to analyze and potentially win with this type of bet. The key is knowing where and how to gather information for accurate predictions.

Guide on Betting on Kickoff
Betting on kickoff is currently available only at online bookmakers. Therefore, it's crucial to find a reputable online bookmaker and create an account before participating.
The result of the kickoff bet is determined before the match begins, as it is settled immediately after the opening whistle. During the bookmaker's betting window, you need to:
Choose the team you predict will get the kickoff.
Place your bet and confirm the wager.
If the system confirms "Success," it means your bet is valid. However, there are some rules to remember:
The kickoff bet becomes invalid after the match concludes, so players must time their bets accordingly, preferably 4-5 hours before the match.
If a match is canceled before kickoff, the bet is considered invalid, and the wagered amount is refunded.
If a match starts but is later canceled before 90 minutes, the bet is still considered valid.

Calculating Winnings for Kickoff Bets
This type of bet has only two options: home team or away team, with a 50/50 chance of winning. However, the odds for each option will differ slightly, with the home team usually having lower odds as they are more likely to get the kickoff.
The odds set for the bet are in Asian Handicap format, making the calculation simple:
Correct prediction (winning team gets the kickoff): Winnings=Bet amount × Odds (including both the wagered amount and profit).
Incorrect prediction (losing team gets the kickoff): Loss=Wagered amount.
For example, in a match between Arsenal and Manchester United, with Arsenal as the home team having odds of 1.90 and Manchester United as the away team with odds of 2.10:
If you bet $100 on Manchester United and they get the kickoff, you win $210 (including $110 in profit and the initial $100 wagered). If Arsenal gets the kickoff, you lose the $100 wagered.

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Tips for the Most Effective Pre-Game Handicap Betting
As mentioned, many bettors consider this type of betting as a game of chance, not bothering to analyze the odds. However, success in this type of betting is not impossible; it's just a matter of not knowing how. Try your luck with the following tips:
Home Field Advantage
Although tossing a coin is somewhat random, there is some basis for advising you to pay attention to the home or away factor. According to recorded statistics, 60-70% of the time, the home team is given the handicap. So, when you're undecided on which side to choose, I recommend going for the home team.
Check Head-to-Head Information
The history of previous matchups is not only for determining which team is stronger or weaker. Information about previous encounters also includes which team was given the handicap, whether playing at home or away, and what the success rate was. This is another basis for making predictions for the kickoff handicap.
Study the Referee
Similar to booking-related bets, if a referee tends to give cards, the odds will be in favor of more cards. Now, see which referee will be in control of the match. Then, check the last 5-7 matches officiated by that referee, and see whether the away or home team was given the handicap.
This is the most reliable data, helping you make accurate kickoff predictions with over 80% accuracy, and you shouldn't overlook it.

Place Bets on 5 Consecutive Kickoff Matches
For other types of bets, I may not encourage you to bet on too many matches. However, for pre-game handicap bets, if you decide to play, prepare a capital amount to sustain a streak of 5 matches in a single day, with the principle of doubling the bet.
First: Choose the correct betting option (preferably the home team).
Proceed: If you win the first match, bet the same amount on the second. If you lose, double the bet until you win.
Statistics: Look at the current season's statistics, which team has been given the handicap more often. That's the team you should invest in for this type of bet.
Limit Kickoff Bets
There are certain limitations, and I advise against playing kickoff bets in the following cases:
In a streak of bad luck.
Not placing combination bets.
Not going all-in.

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In Conclusion
As you can see, many bettors consider pre-game handicap bets as purely a game of chance. However, if you apply these 6 tips correctly and consistently at a reputable bookmaker, you can ensure favorable results and understand a precise method for playing.